Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support 3G/4G/LTE in voice and video calls?

NoTime is a universal productivity tool that you can use to communicate with companies, government offices and public services. It is specifically designed for customer service interactions; it will help you to save time and frustration while communicating different organisations.

You can talk to your bank by making voice over data calls, chat to your energy supplier, email to the specific team in public services and request a callback from your insurance provider. Visual menu options in NoTime app helps you to reach out the exact team you need to communicate, eliminating any "Press 1, press 2" type of menu interactions or speech recognition.

Most of the customer service numbers are not mobile-friendly. Even through freephone numbers, they cost extra money when you call from mobile. Using NoTime, you can make voice over data calls or even video calls.

When you are on a chat with a customer service, your chat session remains active, until all your questions are answered. You can continue to chat even after a few days. While you are on a chat, you can share a browser session and go through the online services such as shopping, banking and similar services together.